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The Made Over Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

In today’s episode, Dean, an entrepreneur who went from homeless to running multiple million-dollar businesses, is sharing his entrepreneur journey with us, how he created a profitable personal brand and his secret to having sustainable companies.

Dec 23, 2020

“We really have to define the combination of our core priorities and our personal preference priorities because that’s gonna drive everything. Every action we take for our business should get us closer to what we want.”

These are the exact words that Dan Nicholson shared in today’s episode. Dan’s work has...

Nov 19, 2020

In this episode, Steve Sims, “The Real-Life Wizard of OZ” as quoted by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, is the best-selling author of "BLUEFISHING - the art of making things happen” is here to recount his journey and share with us what he calls “the little hinges that swing big doors." When you start a venture...

Nov 10, 2020

In this episode, Taylor Welch, CEO, and co-founder of Traffic and Funnels show us how he built his business while helping other entrepreneurs through their premier digital marketing consultancy. He walks us through starting out as a self-taught freelancer to a now successful serial entrepreneur with the right shift...

Oct 28, 2020

In this episode of the Made Over Podcast, Alex shared the early stages of his life from being in a hospitality field shifting towards entrepreneurship, his momentous, and what made him reinforce to be a better version of himself and to continue in providing value to his clients, audience, and people in general.